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IPv6 DNS transition issues (Obsolete)
Description: This memo summarizes DNS related issues when transitioning a network to IPv6. Consensus and open issues are presented.
Added on: 13-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 1591

DNS Response Size Issues (Obsolete)
Description: With a mandated default minimum maximum message size of 512 octets, the DNS protocol presents some special problems for zones wishing to expose a moderate or high number of authority servers (NS RRs). This document explains the operational issues caused by, or related to this response size limit.
Added on: 31-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1591

Dynamic reverse DNS for IPv6 (Obsolete)
Description: This document describes a method to dynamically generate PTR records and corresponding A or AAAA records when the reverse path DNS tree is not populated. A special domain is reserved for that purpose.
Added on: 11-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 1591