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The DHCPv6 Client FQDN Option (v02)
Description: This document specifies a new Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6, DHCPv6, option which can be used to exchange information about a DHCPv6 client's fully-qualified domain name and about responsibility for updating DNS RRs related to the client's address assignments.
Added on: 08-Oct-2004 | Downloads: 1592

Simple Network Time Protocol Configuration Option for DHCPv6 (v01)
Description: This document describes a new DHCPv6 option for passing a list of Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server addresses to a client.
Added on: 07-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1591

IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues for DHCPv6 (v02)
Description: A node may have support for communications using IPv4 and/or IPv6 protocols. Such a node may wish to obtain IPv4 and/or IPv6 configuration settings via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The original version of DHCP [1] designed for IPv4 has now been complemented by a new DHCPv6 [4] for IPv6. This document describes issues identified with dual IP version DHCP interactions, the most important aspect of which is how to handle potential problems in clients processing configuration information received from both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers. The document makes a recommendation on the general strategy on how best to handle such issues, and identifies future work to be undertaken.
Added on: 05-May-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Lifetime Option for DHCPv6 (v03)
Description: This document describes a DHCPv6 option for specifying an upper bound for how long a client should wait before refreshing information retrieved from DHCPv6. It is used with stateless DHCPv6 as there are no addresses or other entities with lifetimes that can tell the client when to contact the DHCPv6 server to refresh its configuration.
Added on: 05-May-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Renumbering Requirements for Stateless DHCPv6 (v02)
Description: IPv6 hosts using Stateless Address Autoconfiguration are able to automatically configure their IPv6 address and default router settings. However, further settings are not available. If such hosts wish to automatically configure their DNS, NTP or other specific settings the stateless variant of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) could be used. This combination of Stateless Address Autoconfiguration and stateless DHCPv6 could be used quite commonly in IPv6 networks. However, hosts using such a combination currently have no means by which to be informed of changes in stateless DHCPv6 option settings, e.g. the addition of a new NTP server address, a change in DNS search paths, or full site renumbering. This document is presented as a problem statement from which a solution should be proposed in a subsequent document.
Added on: 05-May-2004 | Downloads: 1591

DHCPv6 Relay agent RADIUS Attribute Option (v00)
Description: This document introduces the capabilities of the DHCPv4 Relay Agent Information Option in RFC 3046 and the corresponding RADIUS- Attributes Sub-option to DHCPv6. In particular, the document describes a new DHCPv6 option called the Relay agent RADIUS Attributes Option (RRAO) which extends the set of DHCPv6 options as defined in RFC 3315 and 3376. Following its DHCPv4 counterpart, the new option is inserted by the DHCPv6 relay agent when forwarding client-originated DHCPv6 packets to a DHCPv6 server. Servers recognizing the RRAO may use the information to implement IP address or other parameter assignment policies. The DHCP Server echoes the option back verbatim to the relay agent in server-to-client replies, and the relay agent strips the option before forwarding the reply to the client.
Added on: 17-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

DHCPv6 Options for Broadcast and Multicast Control Servers (v00)
Description: This document defines new options for Broadcast and Multicast Service controller discovery in an IP network. Broadcast and Multicast service over 3G wireless networks are being developed at the time of writing this document. Users of this service interact with a controller in the network to derive informations that are required to receive broadcast service. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol can be used to configure the controller IPv6 addresses in the user's devices. This document defines the related options and option codes.
Added on: 17-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

Service-Oriented Address Assignment using DHCPv6 (v00)
Description: This document introduces a new option in DHCPv6 for Service-Oriented Address assignment for a particular type of service that DHCPv6 Clients provide. The Service-Oriented Address can be either Anycast/Shared Unicast or a Well-known Unicast Address. This address assignment is much similar to other address type assignments, except that Service-Oriented Address assignment requires the specification of Service Type of the node that is requesting the address.
Added on: 17-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591